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Gerry A., Oregon

"Advisorator is succinct, timely, accurate, and trustworthy. Jared's experience and intelligence shows through in every line."

Jeff K., California

"Jared's newsletter is full of useful information, and he took the time to help me directly with a Wi-Fi lighting project that had me stumped. Advisorator is worth every nickel of my annual subscription."

Ron R., New Jersey

"Advisorator is an engaging read full of immediately actionable advice and insight on current topics, and Jared's customer service is second to none."

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I've been a professional tech journalist for over a decade. From my remote outpost in Cincinnati, I contribute regularly to PCWorld, TechHive, and Fast Company, and I've also written for, the New York Times, Macworld, Popular Mechanics, and Rolling Stone. My free newsletter on streaming video and over-the-air television, Cord Cutter Weekly, has more than 14,000 subscribers.

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